Biological Sequence Search

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Our in-depth Biological Sequence Search is designed to unearth even the most hard-to-find sequences hidden deep within a wide array of patent and non-patent literature, making it ideal for Fortune 500s and world-renowned research labs developing antibodies, primers and therapies including peptides/ nucleic acids.

Algorithm-powered Biological Sequence Searches that are cost-effective and time-bound

Perform result-oriented Biological Sequence Search to:

  • To discover relevant biological sequences whose gene name and name of the peptide/ antibody are not disclosed in references.
  • To discover relevant patents with precision by identifying the results based on the homology of the sequences, wherein, the similarity is derived from common ancestry and conservation throughout evolution
  • To strengthen Patentability Search, Invalidity Search, Freedom-To-Operate Search and Landscape Analysis.

Aimed at the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries, Sagacious IP’s Biological Sequence Search supports R&D professionals in their quest to innovate, enables researchers to do better research and lets IP councils protect their client’s IP.

Why us?

  • 1,000+ Chemical Structure Searches conducted every year.
  • Multi-Level Quality Checks
  • Relevant Substitution Details for Markush Structures
  • More than 16+ Languages Covered in Searches
  • Low-Pricing, Quick Turn Around Time and Absolute Transparency
  • Access to 5+ State-of-Art Databases


Impact Stories

Impact Story 1

When one of the World’s Top Antibody producing Company wanted to have an expert opinion on the Freedom to Operate for an antibody developed in-house and its subsequent potential, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 2

When a global leader in Healthcare wanted to market one of their high potential therapy involving a recent developed marker an antibody, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 3

When an oncology-based company, wanted to enquire about the recent therapies developed for the cancer treatment and check if their developed therapy aligns to any prevalent one, they chose Sagacious.

Impact Story 4

When a Swiss Company wanted to test the novelty of one of its developed oligonucleotide and wanted to subsequently explore the related applications in the market of interest, they chose Sagacious,

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